One of the main reasons that affects the productivity and profitability of a company is unplanned production downtimes. Most corrective maintenance events could be avoided if machine and equipment parts were being continuously monitored.

Aware of this issue WEG developed the software which allows checking the operating status of low and medium voltage motors and drives (VSDs and soft-starters), gearboxes, gearmotors and other assets installed in any type of industry or facility. Through periodic data collection and advanced data processing, both on the edge and in the cloud, valuable insights are obtained. Thus, it is possible to establish predictive maintenance plans taking into account the operating condition of the fleet (condition-based maintenance).

The WEG Motion Fleet Management helps the industry to simplify and speed up the operation, maintenance and management of industrial plants, is the ideal and ready to use solution for monitoring and increasing the uptime of your industrial drive fleet. Based on cloud computing technology, the performance of assets can be monitored at any time, from any part of the world.

This approach reduces the unplanned downtime, optimizes repair actions and speeds up the decision-making of the Operations and Maintenance team. The result is increased uptime and reduce the drive fleet TCO (total cost of ownership).

Some features and advantages of WEG Motion Fleet Management are: dedicated and robust hardware for data acquisition, data processing on the edge and in the cloud, periodic fleet reports, maintenance order creation and management, asset prioritization tool, Exchange module for data integration (via REST API) and Specialist module with Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for failure diagnosis and consumption analysis.

To perform a more effective online condition-based maintenance, improve the fleet availability and reduce the TCO, use the WEG Motion Fleet Management solution.

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