Reinforcing its long partnership in providing solutions for the Brazilian Navy in the most diverse vessels of its fleet, WEG recently supplied two alternators of the G Plus line with a nominal power of 100 kVA, frame 250, 4 poles. The alternators are responsible for generating energy for the entire vessel of the river transport vessel Almirante Leverger.

To meet the protection needs of the application, the alternators were specifically developed with IP44 degree of protection and using filters in the air inlets, thus guaranteeing a longer useful life for the solution.

Actively participating in this delivery, De Paula Engenharia was responsible for assembling the generator sets for the Navy. Installed in early 2022, these generator sets are part of a supply to upgrade the ship's current electrical power system and replace existing generator sets.

The vessel travels along the stretches of the river basin in the state of Mato Grosso, in Brazil, ready to receive the commands of the Brazilian Navy, such as river patrol, provision of support to riverside populations, with support for medical, dental and civil defense activities, assistance social civic, among others. This ship, in addition to transporting equipment for medical and dental care, has the capacity to transport up to 130 military personnel for the services for which it is intended.

Alternators are an essential part in the modernization of the ship's power system, reliably supplying the necessary energy, highlighting the long-term partnership between the Brazilian Navy and WEG for projects on patrol boats, support, study and combat.