The PCIC Middle East is organized annually by the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC Europe) and has become the leading forum for exchanging experience in application of electrical, control technology and instrumentation for the  oil and gas industry in the Gulf region.

This year event occurred on 28th of February and 1st of March in Abu Dhabi, and WEG Portugal was represented by our engineers Flaviano Carvalho and Pedro Maia.

It was a successful conference with high participation of end-users, engineering companies, contractors and suppliers.

Flaviano Carvalho and Pedro Maia, showed their expertise and findings with a paper presentation regarding “Optimal Lubrication Techniques to Improve Reliability and Motor Life Expectancy “. This paper focused on one of the most common sources of early failure in electric motors: the bearings.

The paper addressed our engineer’s significant knowledge and experience on bearings lubrication processes and best techniques contributing to a long and reliable operating life of electric motors whilst improving productivity and reducing operating costs.

During the Conference, attendees were asked to rate each paper presentation and for the second year in a row WEG engineer’s presentation was among the most voted papers.

 “In addition to strengthening our company commitment to one of the major growth regions within this industry, the recognition of the high quality and practical application of our technical papers for the second year in a row, reinforces WEG's position as a benchmark brand for electrical machines globally”, said Flaviano Carvalho (Regional Service Manager – Europe).  

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