Intending to further strengthen WEG's business, as one of the leading manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment, the company has expanded its line of reactors and can now offer equipment up to 550kV. With this initiative, WEG takes an important step in the power transmission market, since few players in the market have the capability to manufacture reactors at this voltage level in Brazil.

WEG invested in the implementation of its production line and high voltage laboratory to be prepared to manufacture and test such size of reactors.  Investments made in the acquisition of equipment were in the range of $5 million, including Bank of Capacitors, High Precision Measuring Bridge, and a 765kV transformer that will be dedicated for testing.

This product line expansion allows WEG to consolidate its position as one of the country's leading manufacturers of transformers and reactors. High voltage reactors are commonly used in power transmission lines of large power plants.

Product Application

Currently, power generation plants in Brazil are increasingly distant from large consumers, which forces the construction of long high voltage transmission lines, usually with rated voltage of 550kV. The reactors (also known as shunt reactors) reduce the capacitive effect of the power transmission line, especially when the line operates under light load.

These lines may also undergo unexpected voltage variations, mainly caused by equipment operations, so it is also recommended to apply reactors to allow reduction of this transient effect, as well as reduction of high short circuit values that may occur along the power transmission line.