WEG in Numbers

WEG's commitment is to develop quality products and efficient solutions that meet international quality standards and transform into concrete actions and public acknowledgement. Get to know some of WEG's milestones in numbers:

* Numbers from December 31st, 2020.

Revenue of R$ 17.47 billion

Branches in 36 countries and manufacturing plants in 12 countries

Portfolio of over 1200 product lines

Products present in 5 continents

Over a million square meters of commercial and industrial premises

More than 33,300 employees and over 3,600 engineers

42 courses of our Customer Training Center

Over 50,000 customers trained since 1998

Approximately 1.7 million liters of coatings produced monthly

2,300 tons of powder coatings produced monthly

Over 107 thousand MVA in generators manufactured

Over 1 billion automation products manufactured

Over 16 million motors manufactured annually

Over 58 thousand MVA of transformers manufactured annually

12,500 hectares of reforestation, 50% made from renewable resources and 50% of untouched native forest