WEG enhances production in Mexico with a new manufacturing plant of transformers

WEG is opening the doors of a new plant in Mexico, which is dedicated to the power transformers. Located in a total land area of 78.8 thousand m2, the plant has 10,5 thousand m2. Expected production is 37 transformers in this year. The new plant is located in Huehuetoca, in the Mexico State, approximately 500 meters far from the WEG Mexico headquarters. The total investment on this plant was about US$ 31 million.

The construction began in March of 2008 and was finished in April of this year. The first transformer is already being manufactured. The plant has the capacity to produce transformers with 550 kV of maximum power and up to 300 mva. “Our goal is to achieve an annual production of 240 units in the next two to three years”, says Enrique Israel Rodríguez, Marketing coordinator at WEG Mexico. He explains that the opening of the plant is the result of the expansion of the market and one of the benefits it brings is the reduction in the product delivery time and logistics improvement.

Currently, the supply of transformers in Mexico is not enough for the domestic market and neighbor countries. The demand is made up of the large cement manufacturing companies and petrochemical industries, mining companies and hydro-electric power stations in Mexico, USA, Canada and Central America countries. These will now also be served by WEG Transformadores México with a new line of products. The plant counts on modern equipment for an efficient and fast production and on a complete structure. At this beginning of its activities, the plant has 87 employees but the target is to double this amount as production increases.

Worldwide presence

Besides this new plant, WEG has a plant in Mexico for low and medium voltage motors, generators and control panels and automation. At global level, WEG has manufacturing plants in Portugal, Argentina, China and India and 21 offices on all five continents.