With a scheduled date for coming into operation in 2010, the new WEG factory facilities in India already show forth their first pillars. Under construction since June of this year, the factory, which will have 32 thousand square meters of constructed area, will initially produce medium and high voltage motors and generators. In a second phase, other products in the motor and generator line will be added, creating employment for approximately 250 people in the first year, with the possibility of expanding to 600 employees by the end of 2011.

Currently, the Asiatic market is served by Brazilian factories (Jaraguá do Sul and São Bernardo do Campo). However, India emerges with large potential in the business of power generation, in large water pumping systems, and in other business connected with infrastructure. “Having a factory in India means increasing our competitiveness in the large Asiatic market, both in terms of cost and logistics,” explains the Director of Operations at WEG India, Sergio Luis Marsiglia Sobreira.

The new factory in India is located in the city of Hosur, State of Tamil Nadu, near Bangalore, on a property of 170 thousand square meters.