After an Environmental Management Audit, which evaluated WEG's performance, continuous improvement and its relationship with the environment, in December 2004, WEG Industrial Plant II received its ISO14001 Certification.

From now on, the environmental performance of the Industrial Plant II will be evaluated every six months by BVQI - Bureau Veritas Quality International - an Institute founded in 1988 in England and currently one of the most important Certification Organism in Brazil and in the world.
BVQI was the first company in the world to audit and certify according to ISO14001. In Brazil BVQI is responsible for 40% of the certifications emitted for this standard: its utilization is a way to guarantee to the companies an effective management of environmental issues.
A well done environmental management reduces the ecological accidents risks and improves the administration of energy resources, material and human and also opportunities for costs reduction or even gains due to a better administration (reduction, elimination or recycling) of the generated waste during the production activities.