Raw water collection and treated water pumping stations play an important role in the adequate supply of potable water, from collection and treatment to distribution to consumers. For these processes to occur reliably and efficiently, WEG has expertise and solutions to meet the most diverse applications.

To operate in a raw water and treated water pumping station in Malaysia, the company supplied three slip ring M line motors with a voltage of 6.6 kV. The equipment was fully customized by WEG to meet the necessary characteristics such as holes in the base, shaft end, box positions and other components. In this way, WEG was able to deliver a drop-in solution (solution ready to connect with the other equipment), requiring minimal modifications on site and also significantly reducing motor installation costs.

In addition, they are motors designed to withstand high loads and operate reliably in varied conditions such as variations in pressure, temperature and water quality.

After treating the raw water in the treatment plant, the water is sent to the treated water pumping station. At this stage, electric motors are needed to drive the pumps that propel the treated water through the distribution pipes, ensuring that it reaches consumers efficiently and safely.

It is with efficiency and reliability that WEG solutions are present in important projects like this one, which contribute to water security in Malaysia and positively impact the lives of people and communities.