Understanding the relevance that water and wastewater services have for their community, SAMAE - Municipal Autonomous Water and Wastewater Service - of Brazil decided to invest in improvements in its Raw Water Pumping Station. Among the improvement actions, the modernization of the installed machinery had a great focus, contemplating not only updating it, but also the increase of the power of the motors and increase of the efficiency and capacity of the station's operation. In this stage, WEG helped SAMAE by supplying three W60 line motors, frame 450, 2000 hp, 4160 V, 4 poles, 60 Hz for the station's motor pumps and frequency inverters model MVW3000 0266 T4160 PSZ; and providing start-up and commissioning services for some of the motors.

The improvements were made in order to modernize the system that had some old and obsolete equipment, of low reliability and difficult maintenance. In addition to the reliability of the new equipment, there was an increase in system availability and the addition of precise control of raw water flow done by frequency inverters, increasing the capacity and efficiency of the station's operation.

About WEG’s W60 line motors

WEG’s W60 line motors were designed to meet the most varied industrial applications, such as compressors, pumps, fans, among others, guaranteeing high performance and reliability, even in severe operating conditions. These motors are modular and are available in different configurations, allowing them to be designed as open and self-ventilated motors (IC01, WP-II), closed motors, cooled by air-to-air (IC611, TEAAC) or air-to-water (IC81W, TEWAC), or with independent ventilation, according to the customer's need.

With its compact design, lightweight components, reduced dimensions and base that allow a significant reduction in the space required for the installation of the engine. In the development of W60 line WEG motors, the combination of the most modern technology in magnetic components, low-loss fans at the power density of this line, makes the W60 line motors more efficient. In addition, designed to work continuously, without stoppages, they were designed with unique characteristics: ease of construction, installation and operation. This reliability differentiates WEG’s W60 line motors from the other options available on the market. It also adapts easily to any medium voltage frequency inverter available on the market. It works even better when used in conjunction with WEG medium voltage drives.