WEG is recognized as one of the largest alternator manufacturers in Latin America, with solutions for a wide variety of applications. Counting on extensive experience of a company that has already produced more than 200 thousand alternators, WEG offers a broad range of alternators for generator sets. Designed to meet individual customer requirements, WEG alternators are built according to the particulars of each project, serving different sectors such as: industrial, commercial, agriculture, marine, civil construction, airports, telecommunications, condominiums, hospitals, and more. 

In partnership with Geraforte Grupo Geradores, WEG has supplied CEMIG with 22 synchronous alternators, with power ratings between 40 and 625 kVA. These alternators provide power supply to substation emergency circuits, SHPs and to CEMIG´s strategic buildings. CEMIG is ranked as one of Brazil´s largest power utilities. The emergency circuits are essential to ensure operation and control of the system, where power supply cannot fail. 

The application of a generator set guarantees independent power supply to the electricity network, allowing the WEG alternators to be an excellent solution for emergency operating systems, keeping vital equipment in operation, including panels, lighting, computer devices, control and monitoring systems and IT servers. 

In addition to the commercialization of alternators, WEG´s concern is to provide prompt and reliable after-sales service through a specialized network of service agents, including technical support for product applications, installations and spare parts availability.