Access to electrical energy is essential for a variety of activities, ranging from residential consumption to industrial, commercial, logistical, and other spheres. The growing demand, especially in large cities, has prompted electrical companies to expand their infrastructures, adopting increasingly robust and efficient solutions, such as those offered by WEG.

In this context, Eletrobras Furnas (a subsidiary of Eletrobras), one of the largest electric power companies in Latin America, acquired a new set of power transformers from WEG. These transformers were intended for the expansion of the West Zone Substation, one of the most important in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The supply includes a set of power transformers composed of three units of 300 MVA with 550kV / 145KV, in addition to various materials and equipment for infrastructure, maneuvers, supervision, and protection of the implementation. This investment will allow an additional increase of 900 MVA in the installed capacity of the substation, totaling 1800 MVA, a quantity sufficient to serve approximately 3,240,000 residences, benefiting around 9,000,000 people directly and substantially improving the stability of the National Integrated System.

This expansion not only plays a crucial role in the transformation and transmission of electrical energy but also in regional development. By contributing to the safety and reliability of the electrical power supply, the initiative promotes not only the well-being of the population but also raises the standards of excellence of the electric company, strengthening its position as a fundamental player in the economic activities of the region and the state of Rio de Janeiro.

WEG, recognized for its excellence in energy technologies and solutions, stands out as the leading manufacturer of transformers in Latin America, further reinforcing the quality and innovation associated with this significant expansion of the electrical infrastructure.