WEG is committed to creating quality products and efficient solutions. To achieve this there is continuous investment in innovation and team work. Helping people reach their goals by living the values of the company is a passion shared by everyone at WEG.

Human Company

Human Company

We value each individual contribution to our success, and we motivate people by means of integrity, ethics and constant support to personal development.

In 2018 we had over 150 thousand participations in the study courses and scholarships offered by the company, generating more than 2.6 million hours of training.

Team Work

Team Work

Working as a team, we gather the best knowledge, intelligence and skill to constantly improve our work and benefit our customers.

At WEG, the customer is also part of the team. Working together we can develop the best solutions.



Every day we work to make things better. All products, processes and developments are driven by the desire to increase efficiency.

There are many approaches to efficiency at WEG. Whether it be energy saving, to reduce costs or increase productivity, we work to fulfill the needs of our customers.



We will always develop new efficient ways to respond to the changing needs of the customer.

The history of our company has taught us how to face challenges. Today we control our entire production process. What started as a necessity became the full mastery of the construction technology.



New ideas and technologies ensure the future of the company. That is why we encourage and support an atmosphere of innovation and future development.

We never stop because a product works well. We always look for a way to make it work even better. This constant search for improvement has led to the creation of some of the most efficient products in energy saving available on the market.



Set the benchmark in our relationship with customers.

Our unique way of dealing with people, anticipating their needs and creating bonds is a valued characteristic making our presence remarkable in any market.





WEG Policies

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Provide quality products and services that meet the customer’s needs and expectations, while promoting continuous improvement of our processes and systems.    

It is the policy of the WEG Group to assure the lowest environmental impacts of its products and production processes by:

  • Being in compliance with the applicable environmental legislation;

  • Improving continuously through the establishment of environmental goals and targets;

  • Acting preventively with the aim of protecting the environment in which it is inserted;

  • Employing eco-efficient processes and products thus preserving natural resources.

Ensure the development, production and sales of products and services with greater efficiency and the continuous improvement of our business processes, meeting regulatory requirements and allowing the reduction of energy consumption and impacts on the energy matrix.






Avenida Pref. Waldemar Grubba, 3.000
Jaraguá do Sul - SC
Manufacture of electric motors - Lines HGF 315-400 (220V to 13800V) and W22 - 355 (220V to 1000V) powers 175 to 1100 HP.
Testing of three-phase electric motors with voltage (220V to 7000V) and power 150 to 2500 HP.


Note: The Energy Policy was developed for the WEG Group, however, the ISO 50001 requirements are established in Plant VII, which does not undertake development and commercial processes.

As its policy, the WEG Group establishes the valorization of the human being in the development of its activities, products and services as to the aspects related to safety and health. In doing so, it pledges to:

  • Adopt postures of prevention in all its levels of hierarchy;

  • Identify, eliminate and/or minimize the significant risks to the safety and health of its employees, service renderers and others;

  • Identify and meet the legal requirements applicable to occupational health and safety related to its processes, products and services;

  • Establish goals and targets to continuously improve the performance of its management system.

It is the WEG Group policy to manage its businesses in a way to encourage continuous and sustainable growth, considering and respecting each and every public with which it relates with transparency and ethics. It is the company’s commitment to:

  • Comply with the current legislation, labor and taxes laws applicable to all the activities in the company and places where it operates; 

  • Assure the eradication of child and forced or compulsory labor in all the activities of the company; 

  • Not hire people under 18 years of age except when as apprentices;

  • Motivate and offer conditions for the development of employees so as to enhance competences and also personal and professional growth;

  • Respect diversity and multiculturality and prohibit any act of discrimination taken towards people of another race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, social class, political affiliation or belief, national origin or with disability;

  • Repudiate moral and sexual harassment in the workplace;

  • Respect people’s right to join workers unions without retaliation and also negotiate collectively; 

  • Support the community with which it directly relates strengthening economic and social development. 





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