Backed by the security of the 3-year warranty, the W22 WIMES motor line offers users an unbeatable cost/benefits package, integrating a wide range of key features as standard. The motors have dual voltage space heaters (110V/230V) terminated inside a separate space heater terminal box as standard equipment.

Considering that many of these machines are utilised in variable speed applications, the motors include three PTC thermistors for over temperature protection (WIMES prohibits retrofitting thermistors after manufacture), and have insulated endshields at the motor NDE from frame sizes 280 and above.

Also included in the standard motor package are relubrication nipples for the bearings on frame sizes 160 and above, excellent levels of environmental protection provided by WEG’s patented WSeal® and the W22 WIMES motor’s standard heavy duty 2-pack epoxy paint finish.

Launched in power ratings from 0.75kW to 375kW, in 2, 4 and 6-pole configurations (with lower outputs / higher polarity options also available), the WIMES W22 range is designed to lower total operational costs across the lifetime of the motors, maximising value and minimising whole life costs for the user. The motors achieve these benefits by providing guaranteed energy savings, higher levels of productivity, and by delivering extended lifetime operation with minimum maintenance, thanks to a design that minimises heat build-up, vibration - and noise.

The W22 WIMES motors are a highly efficient solution for addressing the 90% of total operational costs attributed to energy expenditure over the lifetime of typical motors used in pumping applications.

They deliver efficiencies above the minimum values specified in IEC 60034-30: 2008, the new harmonised IE (International Efficiency) grading standard for three-phase cage induction motors. A key factor in this improvement in energy use is the W22’s new and aerodynamic frame, which increases airflow and reduces operational temperatures.

The terminal box of the motor has also been repositioned to optimize airflow and cooling: a design that also provides flexibility in the positioning of the mains terminal box. The box can be on top, as standard, or on the left or right hand side of the motor as an option. Furthermore, for frame sizes 225S/M to 355A/B the terminal box position can, through fitting of an adaptor, be altered to the left or right hand side without dismantling the complete motor. This feature reduces both modification times and inventory.

As well as delivering high efficiency and reliable operation, the W22 WIMES motors are robust and built to last. The motor housings, endshields, terminal boxes and fan covers are produced in WEG’s own foundries using high quality (FC-200) cast iron, ensuring maximum durability and high performance in aggressive environmental conditions. The fan cover is a new design that provides greater resistance against impacts, while the endshields have been designed to improve bearing heat dissipation.

Underwriting the reliability of the WIMES W22 motors is WEG’s exclusive insulation system - WISE® (WEG Insulation System Evolution). WISE® offers the key benefit of increasing the dielectric resistance of the motor windings, enabling operation with variable frequency drives at voltages up to 575 V, without modification - a facility that helps to extend motor lifetime.

In addition to WIMES configuration motors, WEG’s W22 range also includes ATEX/IECEx certified W22X motors that are designed to cope with the rigours of aggressive and explosive atmospheres, while delivering the added benefits of high efficiency, (IE2 / IE3 energy efficiency rating), minimised noise and vibration, and low operating temperature for increased reliability and safety.

Future additions to the W22 range include Super Premium Efficiency (IE4) designs. However, IE3 Premium Efficiency versions are available today, a development that gives WEG a real head start in supply against competing global manufacturers.