With a focus on sustainability and technological innovation, the WEG Group Division WEG Tintas, in partnership with NIONE, one of Randon´s companies that is focused on research, production and application of nanotechnology, has just launched a protective coatings line based on nanoparticles. 

Named New Tech, this new line is the result of an extensive research and development work conducted between WEG and NIONE in the search of a sustainable solution, more resistant to corrosion and improved gloss and color performance. 

Solvent-free, fast-drying, water-based and with properties of nanoparticles, the new single-component line combines special acrylic resins and has Niobium as one of the main nanoparticles in a premix that is supplied by NIONE. 

The new New Tech technology will be incorporated into lines of brake discs from Fremax, one of Randon'´s auto parts manufacturing units. 

As stated by Reinaldo Richter, WEG Tintas Managing Director, the combination of nano materials in new polymers has allowed coatings with much higher performance to replace conventional paints. “Customers' search for products that allow for more productivity has driven our efforts towards technological developments. The coming years demand more sustainable, efficient and durable products that help different industrial sectors to meet ESG principles”, says Reinaldo. 

In recent years, WEG has invested R$ 12.5 million (about US$ 2.3 million) in research and in the acquisition of equipment for the manufacture of nanostructured technologies. For Randon, the partnership with WEG leverages the gains obtained through scientific research and development work, carried out jointly between both companies. "The large-scale production of niobium nanoparticles is an innovation at global level, with the potential to open up new opportunities for different industrial sectors and which motivates us to continue investing on this initiative, which combines science and environmentally friendly production methods, contributing for a sustainable process”, says NIONE´s Director, César Ferreira.

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