Urethane line is the floor protection product recently launched by WEG Coating Business Unit, the largest manufacturer of powder coatings in Latin America and, according to Coatings World Magazine, is among the 100 largest manufacturers of paints in the world.

Highly recommended for a wide variety of industrial applications, Urethane was specifically produced for floor coating in food and beverage areas due to its high resistance to chemicals and its antimicrobial properties - NOBAC® (meets ASTM G-21).

The main benefits offered by this paint line is the reuse time period of the painted areas, which is one day after  the paint application, other than allowing entire floor cleaning with water jets.

In terms of basic components, the Urethane floor line consists of 3 products:

  • W-POLI PRR 455 NOBAC - It is a three-component, urethane resin-based coating designed to correct minor flaws on floors, such as cracks, holes, cavities, and ensure the correct adhesion of the top coating.

  • W-POLI ANA 455 NOBAC - It is a high performance three-component, self-leveling, high solids coating for industrial floor applications requiring high resistance to traffic.

  • W-POLI RPA 455 NOBAC - It is a high performance, self-leveling, troweled urethane-based coating for industrial baseboard applications.

All three paints are three-component matte and high-thickness. They can reach up to 6 mm layers, which guarantees a high resistance to abrasion.

Besides this specifically designed floor paint, WEG Group Division provides different solutions with the supply of  industrial and commercial liquid and powder paints, automotive paints and electro insulating varnishes, with emphasis on marine and anti-corrosive applications.