WEG has recently carried out with Raízen´s local service team, an off-season annual preventive maintenance program on operating machines of the production plant. Based in Brazil, Raízen is one of the most competitive companies in the world in the energy sector. Ranked among the five largest players in the country, Raízen concentrates its activities in the production of sugar, ethanol, and power generation.

The service was carried out in two stages, including field service (at Raízen’s facilities) on 14 electric motors and 31 generators, and in-house service (at WEG facilities in São Paulo, Brazil) on 6 power generators ranging from 31.25 to 56.2 MVA.

Applying modern maintenance techniques in electric machines, the first technical stage of preventive maintenance conducted by Raízen’s service team was the performance of Electromechanical Experiments on all large motors and generators in operation. 

"By conducting inspections, tests and evaluations of the operational condition of the equipment, we were able to define which machines should be sent for maintenance at the factory workshop" says Raízen's Electrical Maintenance, Automation and Power Generation Manager, Fabiano André Lourenço.

As stated by Eslei Mariano, WEG´s field service supervisor, the main purpose of this test was to evaluate the machines electrical and mechanical conditions. "Preventive maintenance is very important, since it keeps the equipment in operation, avoiding unexpected shutdown periods, which would cause damages to the customer," he explains. 

The Maintenance was performed in a short period of time and during a pre-scheduled off-season shutdown, without affecting the customer regular production flow.

Adriano Cavalcanti Mendes, WEG’s factory workshop service supervisor, stresses that the maintenance service brings customer confidence and savings. "The generator is the 'heart' of the plant and keeping it running uninterruptedly for as long as possible means financial gains and reduction of losses" he says.

"WEG’s first class preventive maintenance and inspection on our equipment gives us the safety of a harvest without problems and without unexpected shutdowns. Other than causing power generation losses, an unexpected stop would bring many losses to our business activities. That is why this partnership with WEG is fundamental," says Raízen's industrial supplies manager, Edson Luís Stevanato.

WEG´s strategy of adding value to its products goes beyond than just doing a formal sale. Providing prompt and reliable service and after-sales support is an imperative to build loyalty and long-lasting partnership with customers.

In addition to a strong network of Service Agents established all over the world, WEG recently restructured its medium and high voltage machine factory in São Paulo, Brazil, into a space fully dedicated to service activities, with state-of-the-art technological equipment for those cases where fast prompt support is required for both preventive maintenance and unexpected equipment shutdowns.

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