The largest manufacturer of electric motors in Latin America and one of the largest in the world, WEG is always seeking new technologies that increase the reliability and safety of its products. For that purpose, WEG now has a new laboratory specialized in testing motors for high temperatures—up to 500 ºC. In this environment, it is possible to submit motors from the Smoke Extraction line to conditions similar to those of the application, conducting development and pre-certification tests in accordance with the requirements of EN 12101-3 Standard.

W22 Smoke Extraction, more efficiency and safety.

Ensuring safety in business and industrial installations is one of the main concerns when designing the structure of places with great concentration of people. The W22 Smoke Extraction motor was developed to ensure air circulation in closed environments and emergency situations, withstanding operations at high temperatures and ensuring quick extraction of smoke and heat.

The Smoke Extraction motors ensure the safety of subways, underground streets, tunnels, parking garages, airports, manufacturing plants, airports, among other small and large facilities, with the efficiency and reliability of WEG products.

New specialized laboratory

With the pre-certification tests carried out in WEG's new laboratory, it is possible to develop and test motors with new insulating materials produced with new technologies capable of withstanding high temperatures. In addition to all new product development tests, the laboratory is used to test motors that will be submitted to certification. Before going for certification, an additional unit from the same manufacturing lot is tested to ensure that the design will be approved in the certification process. In the development of new lines, the laboratory enables the use of new technologies, guaranteeing the quality of the products.

In the image, Figure 1 shows, in shades of blue, green, yellow and red, the air flow inside the oven

Figure 1. Air flow inside the oven

The new laboratory can test up to three motors per day, from frames 80 to 225, under the rated electrical and mechanical loads and air speed conditions. It is possible to validate computer models, speeding up the development of technologies and virtual prototyping. This ensures that the motor is suitable for the application conditions, avoiding delays in the lead time or the need to reschedule new certification tests.

WEG, recognized for the excellence in reliability and safety for various applications, offers the market numerous high performance solutions to bring more innovation, technology and dependability for industrial processes worldwide.