The offshore motors produced by WEG are present in pumps, fans, compressors and much more. Several companies have made WEG their prime supplier. One good example is ASVAC. The company is an industrial and marine pump manufacturer that celebrates 25 years of operation.

WEG’s engineering team is supporting the company product integration with motors like W21, Mining and Explosion-Proof. Commenting on this, Cesar Prata, ASVAC Director, says: “We’re very proud of our products being fully created in Brazil and still at the forefront of the market. WEG was our first and only partner in motors. They are part of our history”.


The motors that WEG offers to the Oil & Gas markets are world-class certified. The wide list of options in size and cooling makes this equipment an excellent choice for use in small places, which is something very important for this market segment.

The H line, with voltage ranging from 220V up to 11,000V is available with power rating going from 100kW up to 3150kW in totally enclosed cast iron frames with sizes ranging from 315 to 630.

The M line has motors with voltage ranging from 220V up to 13,800V in frames size 280 up to 1800, using cast iron or welded plate frames. With output power up to 50,000kW, it offers open and enclosed versions. On the totally enclosed version is possible to choose between air or water cooling.

The S line of synchronous motors goes up to 50,000 kW and with voltages from 220V to 13,800V.

Their steel welded plate frames have sizes starting at 355 and go up to 3150. With air or water cooling, these motors can be manufactured in open or enclosed versions. On this line can be installed a power factor controller.

Completing the range of solutions, WEG also has motor and pump automation systems, with the SSW-06 line of soft-starters – a special version, that goes through a marinizing process to make it suitable to offshore environments. The SSW-06 has an internal by-pass that eliminates the need of external contactors which makes it very competitive on cost – both in terms of purchasing and equipment maintenance.