To help with actions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, WEG is importing 101 infusion pumps and four laryngoscope videos to donate to regional hospitals including Hospital Jaraguá, in Jaraguá do Sul, Hospital Santo Antonio, in Guaramirim and Hospital Misericórdia, in Blumenau.

The first 30 infusion pumps have just arrived at WEG, these will be delivered to Hospital Jaraguá, WEG headquarters city, to equip the 20 new ICU´s being assembled at the hospital.

As stated by the Company's HR and Corporate Affairs Director, Hilton José da Veiga Faria, the import was necessary due to the long delivery time of this equipment, if purchased here in Brazil, in addition to being already sold for R$12 - R$18 thousand each unit.

Infusion pumps and laryngoscope videos are equipment required for the proper operation of ICU´s. The purchase and import process was accelerated thanks to the support of our international purchasing area and our Chinese Operation staff who were able to find reliable suppliers for quick product delivery”, says Hilton. WEG has been doing major efforts and contributions to help in the fight against COVID-19. 

In addition to the infusion pumps, WEG donated resources for the repair of 15 pulmonary ventilators that were out of use, 200,000 surgical masks and R$800,000  for the hospitals of Jaraguá do Sul, Guaramirim, state of Santa Catarina, Linhares, state of Espírito Santo, as well as 30,000 surgical masks already delivered to the Jaraguá do Sul Health Department to be used in health care centers.

WEG continues to produce alcohol gel to donate to hospitals and is in the process of starting the production of 500 pulmonary ventilators to be used in the ICU´s of hospitals by patients recovering from the disease.

The society needs everyone's participation at this moment to minimize transmission of the virus and in getting prepared to support those people who need it. We will continue working hard, following the recommendations of the government and health authorities to protect employees and serve the community,” concludes Hilton.