WEG is among the top 25 best global companies in Leadership and Talent Development, according to the Top Companies for Leaders 2014 study, conducted by Hewitt Associates – a global HR consulting company. WEG ranked 15th, and only company from Latin America to be included in the ranking.

Considered the most complete leadership study in the world, the Hewitt Associates ranking is intended to assess how the companies choose, develop and maintain their leaders. In addition, it determines the relationship between leadership practices and the financial success of the company.

Among the assessed items are: leadership strategy, action plans, links between leadership practices and business strategies, corporate involvement, leadership diversity, succession management, talent identification and development, remuneration and bonus practices.

Hewitt analyzed five key and common characteristics among the selected companies:

· Professional management: Skill to identify experiences, competences, values and organizational form.
· Awareness: Managers ability to identify and turn their strengths and weaknesses into effective leadership strategies.
· Resilience: An environment favorable to an inclusive culture.
· Sustainability: Continuity of the leadership process and retention of leaders.
· Involving leadership: Versatile professionals attentive to the professional and personal environment.

The Top Companies for Leaders Study takes place every two years, and this is the eighth edition of the rankings. WEG was also recognized in 2009 and 2012, when the ranking was held in Brazil.

See below the list of the 25 Top Companies for Leaders 2014:

Company       Country
1. General Electric Company       EUA
2. International Business Machines       EUA
3. Hindustan Unilever Limited       Índia
4. General Mills, Inc.       EUA
5. ICICI Bank Ltd.       Índia
6. The Procter & Gamble Company       EUA
7. Colgate-Palmolive Co.       EUA
8. 3M Company       EUA
9. Novartis AG       Suíça
10. Mahindra Group       Índia
11. McDonald's Corporation       EUA
12. Intel Corporation       EUA
13. Whirlpool Corporation       EUA
14. ArcelorMittal       Inglaterra
15. WEG SA       Brasil
16. Deere & Company       EUA
17. Eli Lilly and Company       EUA
18. DBS Group Holdings Ltd       Singapura
19. Royal Dutch Shell plc       Holanda
20. Singapore Telecommunications Limited       Singapura
21. Sonoco Products Co.       EUA
22. Sime Darby Berhad       Malásia
23. Cargill, Inc.       EUA
24. American Express Company       EUA
25. Raytheon Co.       EUA