The managing director of Editora Globo, Frederic Kachar, presents the award to WEG´s CEO, Harry Schmelzer Jr.

WEG was one of the Brazilian winning companies of "Epoca BUSINESS 360º" award granted by Epoca Business magazine.

In addition to the first place in overall ranking of Mechanics and Steel sector, WEG also was elected 1st place in the category "Financial Performance", 2nd place on "Capability to Innovate" and 3rd place on "Social and Environmental Responsibility".

"Epoca BUSINESS 360º" selects the best companies in each sector with a unique approach; the institute not only considers financial aspects to rank the best companies, they take into account HR practices, Environmental Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Innovation, and Long-Term Vision.

Conducted for five years now, the survey is carried out through questionnaires sent out to companies by Dom Cabral Foundation, a partner of the magazine.

This event took place at Villa Jockey in Sao Paulo, sponsored by São Paulo Industries Federation (FIESP).