WEG won the capital goods sector award in the ranking "Latin America Executive Team 2016" prepared by Institutional Investor magazine, one of the most highly specialized publications from international financial market. The award chose the best CEOs, CFOs, programs, executive teams and investor relations professionals (IR), and best IR websites and best annual meetings with analysts.

Within the corporate level, WEG won five awards: Best Investor Relations Program, Best Investor Relations Team, Best Meeting with Analysts (WEG Day) and 2nd Best IR Website.

The company's executive team was also awarded in the ranking this year. Harry Schmelzer Jr., CEO of WEG, won the title of Best CEO, André Luís Rodrigues, Corporate Financial Managing Director took second place in the category Best CFO and Luis Fernando Moran Oliveira, IR Manager, won the title of Best IR Professional.

The survey reflects the responses of 934 investment professionals at 344 financial services companies in Latin America. Respondents work for companies that collectively manage approximately US$ 218 billion in Latin American equities.