In true stiff shaft induction motors, the first lateral critical speed of the entire motor (including effects of actual stiffness/softness of job bearing, bearing brackets, frame and as installed on the foundation) must be at least 15% above 2-pole synchronous speed. This is done to minimize vibration at all operating speeds. Lower vibrations mean two very important things for the plant operator: lower maintenance and higher reliability.

The existing pipeline runs in the Kurdistan region from Khurmala to Fish Khabur where it connects to another pipeline running through Turkey. In order to enhance the crude oil throughput, a Chinese engineering contractor is constructing a new pumping station. 

WEG’s scope of supply includes four 5.600kW 11kV 3.000-rpm motors, three in operation and one kept as spare, to drive the mainline booster pumps. The first lateral critical speed of these machines is 3.720rpm, 24% above the 2-pole synchronous speed.

This supply proves WEG´s expertise and capability of designing and manufacturing electric motors for the most severe industrial applications.