Electric Mobility

Integrated solutions for electric vehicles 

Falling in to the zero emission category, electric vehicles are helping the world to become greener.  In addition to reducing carbon emissions they cut noise pollution, a problem in all major cities.   Regenerative electric braking assists the vehicles traditional braking system and helps the vehicle to recover energy making them more efficient. 

Electric vehicles offer lower maintenance and running costs when compared to those powered by combustion engines.


Focusing on the development of technologies that contribute to the sustainability of the planet, WEG develops its line of motors and frequency inverters for electric drive systems to combine efficiency and quality levels. WEG electric drive systems can be applied to a number of different vehicles including:

  • Light vehicles such as golf carts, industrial tow trucks, forklifts etc.
  • Drive of auxiliary loads such as compressors, pumps and fans installed on vehicles
  • Delivery trucks and vans
  • Heavy goods vehicles such as buses and large trucks
  • Locomotives and railway vehicles such as trains, monorails, light rail vehicles and streetcars


Coatings that provides full protection

WEG line of coatings has specific solutions for the electric drive segment composed of body fillers, liquid paints, powder coatings, varnishes and electrical insulating resins that provide full protection from the electric propulsion of the motors to the finish and aesthetics of the fiber, metal or plastic body of the vehicles. The protective coatings and paints meet the requirements of a great variety of environments, providing resistance, durability, aesthetics and protection. Developed with high-technology raw materials, the protection supplied by WEG complies with different national and international quality and resistance standards.

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