WECM - WEG Electronically Commutated Motors have been designed to meet various types of motor fan applications such as: exhaust and ventilation systems for poultry farms, parking lots, tunnels, industrial kitchens, and applications that require safety and reliability. 

Fully interchangeable, the WECM is an electric motor with built-in drive, single-phase power supply, aluminum frame, and IP55 protection rating - which provides motor protection against dust and water. The drive, built into the NDE endshield, provides electronic protection against overload, temperature, and locked rotor.

Automatic and manual speed variations are possible with easy connection. Also, in combination with permanent magnets, the WECM can achieve IE5 efficiency level according to IEC 60034-30-1 which ensures the air flow at the lowest energy consumption rate.

Follow this trend towards energy saving with WECM. Moving air with efficiency.