During the fair WEG introduced several new products for the Export market including CFW11 frequency drive, Wmagnet Drive System, Wwash, Well and Dust Ignition proof motors were exhibited.

WEG also took the opportunity to explain its new structure which focuses on three major business units: Automation, Motors and Energy, through which the company will be looking to supply complete and integrated solutions at a global level.

The WEG CFW11 drive has many features which make it one of the most versatile drives on the market. Some of the features include ¨Plug and Play¨ for easy installation of accessories and options, USB for computer connection interface and the WEG patented ¨Optimal Flux¨ which enables the motor to be run at low speeds without the need for force ventilation or over sizing of the motor.

During the fair WEG introduced several new motor types including WMagnet Drive System which incorporates the use of the Permanent Magnet technology. This new motor allows for reduced size and weight, higher efficiency, low noise and a wide speed range with constant torque. Other motors previewed for the first time included Wwash (food and beverage), Well (long life reduced maintenance) and the Zone 21 Dust Ignition Proof motor.

WEG introduced the GTA Plus Generator which was specifically designed for industrial applications including telecommunication, hospitals, UPS systems, commercial centers, hotels, mines, irrigation and marine applications.
WEG concept of Energy involves more than a market segment; it involves the work of people committed to prompt service. WEG supplies equipment for power supply generation and co-generation with the use of biomass and residues: it is clean and renewable energy contributing to the sustainable development of the planet.