RSS - Really Simple Syndication

Know the RSS technology and how it can simplify your following of WEG publications.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a file format provided by the internet websites to inform its users of updates in their contents. The RSS is accessed by means of a news aggregator application, which periodically checks all registered RSS and informs the user of any updates.

How do I subscribe to a RSS Feed?

You need an application or service known as "aggregator". When you find the RSS symbol, just copy the feed address to your favorite aggregator. To do so, click the right button of the mouse on the link and choose "Copy shortcut". In the aggregator, find the option "Add Feed".

RSS Readers

Most modern internet browsers and e-mail applications feature imbedded RSS readers. In case you do not have a compatible application, below we give some free options:


A simple and light aggregator, with open source.

Download here


Multiplatform reader which runs in Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris.

Download here


Service which works as an online aggregator.

Access the bloglines website