“The WATT modular gear system is the perfect partner for our high efficiency IE2 and IE3 W22 motors, providing future- proof drive packages that deliver the highest levels of energy efficiency, reliability and operational life,” said Marek Lukaszczyk, WEG’s European Marketing Manager.

“The global market increasingly requires optimised solutions that integrate electric motors, frequency inverters and gearboxes/geared motors in systems that deliver improvements in operational performance and energy efficiency,” said Mr Lukaszczyk. “This is exactly what we can now offer to flexibly meet the requirements of our customers and increase our worldwide growth.”

The WATT range of gear units and geared motors is comprehensive, including helical, shaft mounted, parallel shaft, helical worm, helical bevel, angle parallel shaft, and worm gearboxes. These units meet all the criteria for modern drive systems, providing flexibility in user options, an outstanding power range up to 20,000Nm output torque, excellent running and smoothness, minimal backlash, maximum operational safety and diverse mounting possibilities, including foot, flange, Uniblock or shaft-mounted gears with full or hollow shaft.

Using the modular WATT MAS gear and motor system, it is possible to deliver - on very short lead times – highly reliable and economical solutions that are customised to specific customer requirements. In addition, customers also benefit from the flexibility of the WATT Uniblock design, which offers the advantage of foot and flange mounting in one, via a gear casing that is machined on all sides for universal application.

The development of the WATT range following the WEG acquisition is continuing apace, with the planned completion of new MAS® geared motor product lines in the third quarter of 2012. Manufacture of these units is to be undertaken at the WATT facility in A-2753 Markt Piesting, and an expansion of the manufacturing capacities at the site is planned, primarily to meet the higher expected demand for the geared motors, now that they are part of WEG’s worldwide product offering.

About WEG
A global major in the power distribution, automation and control sectors, WEG has just celebrated its 50th birthday. The company’s global sales now exceed the US$3-billion mark, representing increasing global success across a wide range of product groups, including the latest generation of transformers, LV control gear, generators, inverter drive systems, soft starters, LV and HV motors, ATEX- compliant explosion proof motors, smoke extraction motors and full turnkey systems. In addition, WEG has recently made a significant strategic expansion of its product portfolio, following the establishment of a joint venture for the manufacturing of wind turbines and the purchase of an Austrian gearbox manufacture, WATT Drive.