The oil produced in the North Sea is internationally recognized for its quality. In addition to that, the price of the Brent Crude, for example, one of the types of oil produced there, is used today as a standard of comparison for other types of crude oil produced around the world. However, achieving high production levels and keeping project costs under control require strong and close collaboration with the industry as all equipment must cope with the harsh winter conditions of the North Sea.

After producing oil for over 40 years, the Penguins field is under redevelopment with a cylindrical FPSO concept. When meeting the end-user in Aberdeen, our team was told about the importance of this investment and the necessity to keep the break-even price below $40 per barrel. The end-user, the engineering contractor and the compressor vendor trusted in WEG for this challenge and we are proudly delivering a 1250kW 4-pole MGF Line frame 450 IEC Ex-p motor and its 6.6kV Cascade H Bridge VFD for the LP centrifugal compressor service.

Counting on the coordination of WEG Integrated Solutions Center (WISC) in terms of project management and manufacturing integration, the involved engineering areas taking part of this project worked closely to ensure consistency among the interfaced equipment. All products have been designed, manufactured and tested at WEG’s headquarters single manufacturing campus located in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil. The FPSO is scheduled to produce its first oil in 2021.