With colors and finishes that follow the trends of 2019/2020 and chromatic options that give projects shades in perfect harmony with the latest architecture and design, the Politherm Architech line offers a color palette of 20 colors: 8 traditional colors and 12 trend colors that enchant by their beauty, surprise by their advantages and conquer by their quality and durability. For example, it is meant to make the surface coated with the appearance of anodized aluminum.

Having at hands a complete and versatile range of options to give the project the tone you want, the Politherm Architech line consists of 4 products: 46 WF, 96 WFQ, 86 WFS and 106 WFQ.

  • Politherm Architech 46 WF: For painting aluminum profiles that require an excellent finish with good weathering resistance, preserving tone and color characteristics for at least 8 years.

  • Politherm Architech 96 WFQ: Meets the requirements of Qualicoat Standard - Class 1 *. This line provides weather resistance that ensures this material a minimum durability of 12 years.

  • Politherm Architech 86 WFS: Formulated with super-resins and top quality raw materials, the 86 WFS line provides high strength in a wide range of colors, textures and color brightness for at least 16 years.

  • Politherm Architech 106 WFQ: Meets the requirements of Qualicoat Standard - Class 2 *. Formulated with special pigments, high-quality, super-matched polyester resins and raw materials from the world's leading suppliers, this line provides excellent weather resistance that gives the material an expected minimum durability of 20 years.

* Qualicoat certification requires the product to be exposed to natural weathering in Florida (USA) under specific conditions for a period of 1 year for Class 1 and 3 years for Class 2.

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