Based on the corporate strategy of providing world-class products and solutions for the industry, WEG once again evidences its technical expertise of producing large size machines and providing electrical solutions for customers all around the world.

Manufactured at Hosur plant in India, one of the 42 WEG’s worldwide manufacturing sites, the 26,250kw, frame size MGW1120, 4 poles, 10kv, 50hz electric motor was designed as Exp (pressurized) machines for classified area. This package also included one motor in the range of 13,200kw, frame size MGW800, 4 poles, 10kv voltage, 50hz for the same application. A dedicated service team from WEG Nantong in China provided the commissioning requirements on the customer site.

The customer is Hangzhou Zhengtai Cryogenic Technology Corporation for the Oil & Gas segment and the 26,250kW motor is considered the largest already supplied by WEG for the Air Separation application in China. All motors will be driving air compressors at the site, where the LNG air will be compressed into liquid state.

On May 16, the Inner Mongolia Zhengtai Yida Natural Gas Comprehensive Utilization Project was put into operation, which has an annual output of 700,000 tons of liquefied natural gas and is regarded as the largest single LNG project in North China.

This supply is a key reference for WEG in the Chinese market since it is the first time a major customer acquires WEG products for a specific segment. Besides that, this motor is considered the largest machine ever supplied by the Company for this application in China.