WEG´s HR and Corporate Affairs Director, Hilton Faria, receiving the award

“150 Best Companies to Work For Award” conducted by Você S/A magazine, is one of the most important and traditional awards of the specialized press in Human Resources in Brazil.

Created in 1997, this award is intended to value the 150 companies that best care for their employees. This work is based on a methodology created by the Administration Institute Foundation, which considers questionnaires responded by companies as well as the participation of employees through a survey.

At WEG, from the 3000 employees who were selected to respond to the survey, 83% accepted to participate and 25 were interviewed personally by the journalists of Você S.A magazine. WEG's score on the Quality Index in the Workplace (Questionnaires responded by employees) was the highest since the beginning of WEG's participation in the ranking: 87.3.

"Since its foundation, WEG has been a company that cares very much about valuing and training people and this award is the recognition of the company´s outstanding achievements. Our employees have shown that more importantly than growing up in the company is to grow with the company, believing on what the company believes and moving into the same direction”, said Harry Schmelzer Jr., CEO of WEG.

The awards ceremony took place on November 6, 2018 in São Paulo.