Picture: Hilton José da Veiga Faria, WEG HR and Corporate Affairs Director.

For the third consecutive year, WEG placed 4th in the Valor Carreira 2019 Award, a category of companies with over 17,001 employees, carried out by the Valor Econômico financial newspaper in partnership with the consulting company Mercer. WEG was the only one in the capital goods segment to be awarded.

The “Best in HR Management” survey measures employee engagement and satisfaction within several topics that make up the corporate success indicator.

At WEG, about 2500 employees were selected to answer the survey and 2183 gave responses. Conducted by one of the world's most renowned HR consultant companies, the survey follows strict proportionality in terms of number of employees, hierarchical levels, positions, places of work, and time at work.

The Award was presented to WEG HR and Corporate Affairs Director, Hilton José da Veiga Faria, the same week WEG celebrates 40 years of implementation of the leadership-training course, today called the “WEG Leadership Academy” program, which is extremely important for qualification of leaders and team engagement in the company.

The role of our leaders is quite important to maintain a positive work environment. Thanks to this initiative, we achieved a 90% employee engagement rate in this Valor Carreira survey”, says Hilton.

This is the eighth year that WEG took part in this survey. Since the beginning, the Company has always been among the top five companies in HR Management.

The awarding ceremony took place on October 28, 2019 in São Paulo.