A manufacturer of aerospace systems is building its own Air Separation Unit, due to the need for massive amount of oxygen.

One of the global leaders in air compressors was asked to deliver the main air compressor package for the air separation units. As part of the project, WEG was chosen to supply the motors that will drive the air separation units. In order to provide customized technical solutions, the teams from WEG and the customer worked closely, a key factor for the success of the project.

The motors supplied to drive the air separation units were 4 x NEMA medium voltage, MGP line, 12.8MW, 13.8kV, 4 poles. They will be installed with the compressors in air separation units located in two different offshore platforms some miles away from each other. Although installed close to the coast, the application’s environment is equivalent to the severe offshore conditions.

The motors delivered by WEG were manufactured in its India facilities, ensuring shorter lead time, competitive pricing, as well as first-class quality.

WEG is also providing the VFDs startup solution with by-pass: This enables the best controlled low current starting solution, and it also provides best motor efficiency when by-passed online.

The technical advice given by WEG skilled team shows the company’s competence of supplying the market with customized solutions meeting specific customer needs.