WEG stands out once again by supplying a large custom-built induction motor for an Integrated Steel Plant in Eastern part of India in the state of Odisha. The induction motor of the MGW line, 26 MW / 4 Poles / 11 kV, is the largest ever manufactured in WEG's manufacturing site in India for the Indian market, it was selected to drive the main air compressor of the oxygen plant, essential for the operation of the entire Phase-1 of the steel production plant.

The project involved replacing an existing motor at the plant, a complex task that required technical expertise to overcome the challenges of interchangeability of the new motor with the existing structure. For this, it was essential to combine all the dimensions of the machine, ensuring that no modifications were necessary on site or in the foundation. From the water inlet and outlet to the oil lines, cable entry points and shaft details, each element was carefully considered for an efficient transition.

The choice of an induction motor not only met the technical demands, but also offered substantial advantages over synchronous motors, commonly used for this application because induction motors are rare in this size and power. System criticality has been significantly minimized, eliminating the need for complex maintenance associated with components such as the exciter and exciter panels, as well as delicate integration with motor and rotor telemetry systems.

The reliability of WEG's induction motor was a key element in keeping production running smoothly. Since the motor was installed, the steel plant has not experienced any unplanned downtime in the last 1 year of operation, contributing to a continuous and efficient production environment.

With WEG's commitment to offer technological and reliable solutions to the market, this association not only increases the productivity of the plant, but also contributes to increasing the steel production capacity on Indian soil.