Just inaugurated by Brazilian president Michel Temer, this water pumping station is part of the East Axis of the transposition project which is located northeast of Brazil. Associated with the country´s social development and integration programs, this transposition project is the third water pumping station of São Francisco River.

Technically designed in accordance with the application requirements, WEG’s synchronous motors, combined with pumps and related equipment, will supply water 60.9 kilometers away from the river and should serve about 30,000 people in different towns and communities in the sates of Pernambuco and Paraíba.

The entire transposition project has been designed more than ten years ago with the plan of supplying water to 12 million people in approximately 390 towns and communities in the states of Pernambuco, Ceará, Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte. The total length of the works is about 477 km, which is divided into two axes (East and North).