WEG W22 motors, shaft down applications, driven the pumps at the Piping Complex.

The supply consisted of W22 low voltage motors, which are applied to a pumping system of the Desvío Arijón Piping Complex, pumping water from Paraná River, purifying it and distributing as potable water to several municipalities of Santa Fé Province, in Argentina.

With the purpose of making follow up on the work progress, provincial authorities and members of Abu Dhabi Development Fund delegation toured the facilities of the first stage, where several WEG electric motors have been installed and are responsible for driving the associated pumps.
This work will benefit at the first stage the cities of Santo Tomé, Sauce Viejo and Arijón, while at the second stage the work will benefit another eight cities, all of them in the surrounding area of Santa Fé metropolitan city.

Scope of WEG products supplied:
W22 Motor Line, 380V, 50Hz, IP55, IMV1
2 x 150kW, IV poles
4 x 45kW, VI poles
3 x 185kW, IV poles
2 x 7.5kW, IV poles
2 x 11kW, IV poles

Desvío Arijón Piping Complex

The piping complex integrates the provincial pipe lines system which, based on the Province Strategic Plan, includes the construction of 11 pipe lines that will supply quality and drinkable water from Paraná River to 362 cities of Santa Fé Province. As part of the future plan, Desvío Arijón piping complex will supply water to 400 thousand people.