The e-Consortium and e-Delivery mark the beginning of a new era of products and solutions for the transportation and logistics ecosystem in Brazil. Innovation is in the DNA not only of Volkswagen Trucks and Buses, but also of the companies that joined this renown vehicles producer to offer true consulting technologies to turn the electric mobility a reality in Brazil. 

Launched in 2019, the innovative e-Consortium follows the Modular Consortium arrangement, which is a unique production system in the world since its creation. As a member of the e-Consortium, WEG will be supplying the main Powertrain system, consisting of an electric traction motor plus a frequency drive as well as electric motors and frequency inverters for auxiliary systems. 

For e-Delivery, WEG, together with VWCO Engineering, developed a customized solution for the application, meeting the most demanding automotive requirements. 

As stated by Manfred Peter Johann, Managing Director of WEG Automation, the long tradition in developing electric traction systems for buses, trolleybuses, trains, ships and boats, as well as systems for recharging electric vehicles allows WEG to advance with series manufacturing of Powertrain System for urban delivery electric vehicles. “Our experience in this electric mobility market has brought us to an outstanding performance. Our innovative Powertrain technology, duly designed and tested over the years, allowed us to take part of this technological cooperation project. In association with this e-Consortium group, we are doing our best to take the transportation industry in Brazil to higher levels”, says Manfred.