Reinforcing its commitment to sustainability, WEG announced the development and supply of Green+ line charging stations for the launch campaign of the EX30, Volvo Car's new electric SUV. Available in WEMOB® EASY, WALL, and PARKING models, the stations will be in the manufacturer’s dealerships from the vehicle's pre-sale.

Developed with WEG technology, the new Green+ line of charging stations innovates in the segment by using recycled materials (PCR – Post-Consumer Recycled), produced with 50% recycled resin, which prevent emissions of up to 3.4 kg equivalent of CO2 per product and reduce the use of electricity in product manufacturing by 42%. Additionally, its material can be 100% recyclable after use. The mechanical performance, UV protection, and flame-retardant characteristics remain unchanged compared to the Standard line products.

The WEMOB® EASY Green+ is the new line of the safest and most powerful portable charging station for the Brazilian plug standard (NBR). Additionally, it can be customized according to the vehicle’s color and has user-configurable power up to 4.4 kW.

The WALL and PARKING models are the ideal solution for safe and smart installations in homes and condominiums, in single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase networks (PARKING), as well as featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, remote updates (Over-The-Air), signaling LEDs, and access control by RFID TAGs. The models can be used with the WEMOB® EV Drivers app and have energy measurement functions and power control for simultaneous charging of multiple electric vehicles through the WEMOB® Smart Charging System.

“With the Green+ line, we are not only driving electric mobility but also significantly reducing CO2 emissions and promoting material circularity. We are proud to collaborate with Volvo Car in this important step towards a more sustainable future,” said Carlos José Bastos Grillo, Managing Director of WEG Digital & Systems.

WEG has already announced other supplies with Volvo Car Brazil. In September 2023, the Company announced the supply of WEMOB® PARKING model charging stations for the largest electric and hybrid vehicle charging hub in Latin America, with the capacity to charge 80 vehicles simultaneously at São Paulo Corporate Towers, where the brand’s new office is located.