The generation of energy from biomass has increasingly grown in the world, directly contributing to the expansion of the energy matrix. Used as fuel for power generation, biomass, which can be solid waste such as garbage, fruit peels, wood chips and sugar cane bagasse, is considered a green, sustainable and renewable energy source aligned with the ecologically correct development.

Aligned with sustainability concepts and with socioenvironmental responsible actions, WEG has a wide product portfolio to offer to the bioenergy segment, with modern and efficient equipment featuring innovative technology to achieve the highest possible efficiency in operation, optimizing the use of resources. 

TGM, a company of WEG Group, has performed several jobs in bioenergy plants. At one of the units of Sykué Bioenergya, which generates energy from molasses grass, services were carried out to recover the rotor of a 30 MW steam, which included the replacement of the blade set, the recovery of all internal components, assembly, commissioning, testing and monitoring of the startup. 

All those services were carried out in a machine from another manufacturer, which requires specialized know-how and highly qualified engineering staff. “TGM supported us in an extremely receptive manner, focused on solutions in a delicate period of the pandemic. In addition, they were very flexible, sparing no efforts to complete the service in the shortest possible time and fulfill our needs”, explained Maicon Frizzone, Industrial Manager of Sykué Bioenergya.

The service allowed the customer to proceed the power generation in safe and efficient operating conditions.