The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) is a cooperative, not-for-profit water utility formed in 1991 to address the unique water needs of Southern Nevada on a regional basis. The SNWA is responsible for managing Southern Nevada’s water resources and providing quality drinking water to 2 million residents and 40 million annual visitors.

WEG Electric Machinery has successfully partnered with SNWA to provide 11 WEG EM Diode Wheel Conversions. WEG EM will supply Southern Nevada Water Authority with the necessary components to retrofit their existing Hitachi motors such as custom shaft adapters, extensions and rectifier wheels. WEG EM has delivered 4 out of the 11; this project is scheduled to conclude in December 2015.

Project: WEG Electric Machinery Diode Wheel Conversion
Application: Feed Water Pump Motor
Scope of Supply: 11 x Diode Wheel Conversions for Hitachi Synchronous Motors 3000HP, 8P, 4.0kV, 900RPM