Electric power is one of the essential resources for any industry operation and industry is the world´s main energy-consuming sector. Within the strategy of guaranteeing operational safety and power generation autonomy, the company Oleoplan relied on WEG solutions to enable own power energy generation for the plant. 

The turbogenerator manufactured by TGM, which is one of the WEG Group companies, will supply steam to the plant production process at two pressure levels, providing energy for the customer's consumption. Regarded as a reference in its business sector, Oleoplan, which used to depend on power supply from the grid, has found the solution with the WEG products package. In addition, the surplus energy generated is sold on the market. 

WEG is currently the leading supplier of turbogenerators in the soybean processing sector in Brazil, with expertise and technical capacity to cover different projects through the supply of efficient and highly reliable equipment. 

In this specific supply, the power generation solution package included a high efficiency steam turbine with controlled extraction and counterpressure with 6,000 kW power reaction technology and inlet pressure of 66 bar (a) / 490°C, also a parallel axis gearbox and a ST41 line 4 pole generator, thus consolidating the best available technology applied worldwide. 

In addition, with the most advanced design platform on the market, the solution also included an 8,500 kVA dry step-up transformer, a set of CCW07 medium voltage panels, control, protection, synchronization and energy measurement low voltage panels, ECW500 voltage regulator and a Digital Monitoring and Control System, ensuring high reliability to the power generation plant operation.