KaizenWEG is a Participative Management system, where all employees can contribute ideas to improve the processes which are later implemented. In this first quarter, WEG held recognition events for employees who stood out in the execution of Kaizen programs aiming at improving safety, quality, optimizing production and administrative processes, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

The KaizenWEG Seminars were held in various business units and included the presentation of the kaizens that stood out, promoting the exchange of Kaizen good practices.

In the units of WEG Motores in Brazil (Jaraguá do Sul, Guaramirim, Itajaí, Linhares and Manaus) and in Portugal (Maia and Santo Tirso), in addition to the KaizenWEG Administrative Seminar, the closing event of the Production Directory Olympics Kaizen was held too, which recognized the employees of each department of this directory in 4 categories (Quick Kaizen, Standard/Advanced Kaizen, B/C and Mobilization).

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In the words of Alberto Kuba, Managing Director of the WEG Industrial Motors Division (WMO-I), "in the KaizenWEG Olympics we do not have a single winner, everyone wins: our employees, our processes and our customers".

Sergio Wonczewski, Industrial Director of WMO-I, commented in his speech that "the improvements promoted by you using loss mapping as a guide, gave a fantastic result, improving our work and turning everyday problems into opportunities."

Paulo Henrique Nicolau, Production Director of WMO-I stated, “the word Kaizen, for WEG, means continuous improvement. When we look at our improvements (more than 47,000 Kaizens completed in 2022), we realize that year after year we are building memorable results that contribute to the good performance of the company”. He also reinforced the importance of safety for WEG and formalized the inclusion of the new category of recognition for 2023: Kaizen Highlighted in Safety.

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By holding these events, WEG reinforces that participative management through KaizenWEG is one of the main success factors for reducing costs and continuously improving the performance of the company.

KaizenWEG was created in 2016 and is the heart of WEG's continuous improvement management system, also called WMS. Since then, more than 160,000 improvements have been implemented, bringing more safety, quality and productivity to WEG, making the work environment increasingly efficient and sustainable. This is our way of building the future.