The W51 High Density (HD) motors are compact, customizable and suitable to solve a great variety of applications, delivering better performance and longer durability. Available in low and medium voltage, in IEC 315 to 450 or NEMA 5000 to 7000 frames, the W51 HD motors have a modern concept, in line with the market expectations for highly efficient products and rational use of natural resources due to their reduced size and weight.


To deliver more power in a smaller size and weight, the motors have a cooling system with an exclusive design and a larger heat exchange area, patented by WEG. Also noteworthy are the bearings with an optimized cooling system, ensuring greater reliability, which translates into low maintenance requirements and longer service life. In addition, the innovative acoustic system, also patented, results in the lowest noise levels on the market.

Developed with the most advanced engineering tools, the design of this line features state-of-the-art technology.


Superior in every aspect, the W51 HD line delivers performance above the market standards.

To top it off, it is interchangeable with other motors, flexible to install and highly customizable according to the requirements of each application, offering a wide range of accessories.

Tailored for maximum performance.