WEG develops equipment that drives the growth of the electrical segment in Brazil, including turbines that are tailored to the available head and flow rates, always seeking the best efficiency and financial balance of the project.

That is the reason that led the Amper Group, which operates in several segments, to choose WEG solutions for the expansion of one of their SHPP, PCH Braço do Norte II, with a net head of 23 m and a unit flow of 28 m³/s, located in Guarantã do Norte, state of Mato Grosso in Brazil.

For this project, WEG supplied the largest Double-Runner Francis turbine manufactured by the company, with a power of 5,689 kW, a spiral casing height of 7,138 mm, a total shaft length of 8,900 mm and a length between bearing centers of 8,000 mm. In addition to the turbine, the scope included a S line hydrogenerator (frame 1120 and power 6,1 MVA) and the complete set of electrical equipment for power generation.

WEG solutions to hydroelectric power generation are developed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology combined with WEG’s production capacity, technological know-how and engineering expertise in producing equipment for power generation.