With over 2.4 GW of energy generated from steam turbines in Europe, WEG continues to strengthen its presence and expertise in providing energy generation solutions across the continent.

Through its production unit located in Sertãozinho-SP, WEG provides a condensing steam turbine with axial exhaust to drive an electric generator, with 52 MW capacity. The WEG steam turbine is designed to efficiently convert thermal energy from steam into mechanical energy and, consequently into electricity through the generator.

In a move towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy matrix, the client will use urban waste for steam generation. The electricity generated will be enough to power over 100,000 households. In addition to contributing to the environment, this solution also promotes the job creation and income for the local community.

WEG reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and innovation by offering solutions that contribute to the development of a cleaner and more efficient energy matrix. The company continues to invest in technologies that enable energy generation from renewable sources, including urban waste, aiming to sustainably harness a resource that currently poses an environmental impasse.