Increasing productivity with minimal environmental impact has been one of the industry's main challenges. Always mindful of the needs of each industry and recognized worldwide for the quality of its products and services, WEG was selected to supply another G3 Full planetary gearbox with an air-oil cooled system to a company in the sugar-energy sector, located in Mexico.

This new supply is in addition to four other gearboxes supplied to the same group, with a system that eliminates the use of water to cool the oil, generating savings of up to 500 liters of water per minute, which in one year would be enough to fill more than 100 Olympic swimming pools.

In addition to planetary gearboxes, WEG supplies complete systems to drive mills, crushers, knives, diffusers and discharge rollers, including planetary and parallel gearboxes, single and multi-stage steam turbines, electric motors and frequency inverters, as well as installation services, commissioning and training in equipment operation and maintenance.

This acquisition not only means financial and water savings for the customer, but also direct benefits for the environment. For WEG, this supply reflects the company's ongoing commitment to developing increasingly reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions, with the purpose of fully meeting the customer's needs.