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WEG traction motors drive electric cars and boats in South African safaris

WEG technological solution will reduce up to 90% operating costs when compared to diesel driven vehicles Saiba mais


WEG selected for Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

WEG is one of 17 Brazilian companies included in the index. Saiba mais


Buses with WEG electric traction at Rio+20

Two buses equipped with WEG electric traction, one hydrogen-hybrid and another ethanol-hybrid are present at the United Nations Conferenc... Saiba mais


Solar Boat at Rio+20

WEG was present in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development with the participation in projects related to electric tracti... Saiba mais


Three WEG Electric Traction Systems at Rio+20

Solar powered boat and two hybrid buses are presented in partnership with universities and research institutions Saiba mais


Profitable Sustainability

Partnership between WEG and Lippel results in manufacturing systems to compress and pelletize industrial residues that turn into fuel. Saiba mais


Electric Traction in São Paulo: Zero pollution

The city of São Paulo studies the alternatives for an ecologic collective transport. The perspective involves projects of buses with elec... Saiba mais

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