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Water treatment plant achieves up to 24 % annual energy savings

A New Hampshire water treatment plant uses “light green” design elements to achieve up to 24 percent annual energy savings. Saiba mais


Wine Industry Pumps

Many different pump types can move food and beverages. Saiba mais


WEG Motors in service of the environment in Egypt

Brazilian technology is helping to reduce the environmental impact. Saiba mais


WEG technology drives one of the largest irrigation systems in the world

With the increase of the demand for irrigation, electric, hydraulic and thermal power generation, WEG will open a motor plant in India at... Saiba mais


WEG introduces new CFW-08 MultiPump Drive

Energy-saving system controls up to four pumps with one frequency drive Saiba mais



WEG in the world’s largest irrigation project

India is getting ready to receive another 64 large sized motors from WEG. Supplying is part of the second stage of the HNSS irrigation pr... Saiba mais

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